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Daniel Kruyer

Daniel was born in London's East End and is an amateur local historian. He also loves to cook and his favourite food is South Asian and Thai. His pet dislike is the mispronunciation of the word Beigel. New Yorkers eat Bagels, Londoners eat Beigels!

Imelda D'Souza

Jack Bloss

A born and bred West Country lad, Jack grew up in Dorset before going onto study at Drama St Mary's between 2014-2017. Alongside his passion for acting Jack is a bit of a tech geek with a background in photography and editing both photography and videography. He regularly enjoys going back to the beaches of Dorset to surf along the coast. Being new to the industry, Jack is ready to throw himself into the world of theatre, film, television and voice over.

Judith Amsenga

Originally from the Netherlands, Judith came to London to train at LAMDA. She and some friends then founded The Nursery, a company that specialises in improv theatre and offers workshops & rehearsal space. They recently opened a theatre in Broadgate Circle near Liverpool Street. Alongside acting Judith translates, records audiobooks, and teaches PhD students to present research better using acting techniques. She's a sucker for cheese (and wine), kitchen dancing & serendipitous encounters.

Anne Rosenfeld

Anne spent most of her early career in the theatre, a stint on the BBC Radio Drama Rep started a long love affair with audio recording and for the last twenty years she has been co-running RBA Productions, specialising in recording audio books. Anne lives in Lewes on the South Downs and spends as much time as she can outdoors. She loves to dance, and works with Three Score Dance in Brighton. Anne is potty about animals and is in lengthy negotiations with her tabby cat, Claude, to add a dog to the household.

David Barnes

Peter Barnes

Peter grew up in Canada. He was going to be a herpetologist, but became a professional actor in 1967 and went to RADA from 1972-74. An acting highlight was the first London production of Brian Friel's acclaimed Translations. He is an Honorary Life Member of Equity. Other interests include archaeology, natural history, art and music.

Lesley Ann Acheson

Originally from Northern Ireland Lesley Ann is a recent graduate from Drama Studio, London where she was selected for a BAFTA Scholarship and won the Maggie Ollerenshaw Award for Comedy Acting (years of perfecting a deadpan stare finally pay off!). She also studied Music at the University of Edinburgh so will probably try and sing you a ditty or play you a jig if you find her in the pub at just the right time...

Fraser Wood

Fraser is a native Scot, having spent much of his life in the Scottish Borders. His first career was in Medicine, and as a GP he has worked around the world, including a stint with the Flying Doctors in Western Australia. However, the bubble within him finally reached bursting point and after being accepted to East 15 Drama School, he completed the MA course in 2017. As well as his medical and acting qualifications, Fraser is a certified Laughter Yoga instructor. That is not a joke.

Jonny Emmett

Jonny grew up in Birkenhead. He served in the Army and after trying one or two other things discovered his love of acting and trained at the Academy Drama School. He has five children (all grown up) and a big (and I mean big) passion for motorcycles. He still plays a bit of rugby and is also a professional stand-up, mostly doing his thing as a compére/MC. He also runs and promotes Criminal Intent Comedy.

Barnaby Ferris

Clare Fraenkel

West London born and bred (although the surname's German in case you're wondering) Clare studied at the University of Bristol before training at Drama Studio London. She's worked extensively in theatre and has toured to almost every corner of the UK. London theatre highlights include runs at the Soho and Arcola Theatres, and performing in multiple shows at Polka Theatre for children. Other highs have been a sell-out show at Edinburgh Festival for The Wrong Crowd, and munching mince pies whilst touring village halls for Forest Forge and the Nuffield Southampton.

Steffanie Freedoff

Steffanie has lived all over the US, but is proud to be from Denver, Colorado. She moved to London in 2014 to train in East 15’s MA Acting programme, and has quickly become a Brit at heart! You’ll often find her sipping tea whilst reading the Outlander series, hula hooping, writing poems, hustling hands of Gin Rummy, or watching rugby.

Steven George

Steven joined a local youth theatre in his teens before doing a Foundation Course in Drama prior to East 15’s first ever degree course. He's performed roles from Polish Thug to Panto Dame. A sport enthusiast, he has a season ticket at West Ham. More importantly, he loves spending time with his son, niece and nephew. In July 2014, Steven was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, which has caused some central vision loss. He's registered visually impaired and volunteers as a facilitator and workshop leader for the RNIB.

Brig Bennett

Born and currently living in London and, having lived and loved abroad in Germany and Italy. Reprised acting in Germany and trained in London, Brig is the inquisitive type. Her interests include science, philosophy, language, creativity, buildings, history, people, ideas. Hence, the different types of study and the enthusiasm for diverse roles and media, (e.g. Cutter (FGM), Scottish prisoner, bag lady, Othello, Miss World chaperone, good friend. In a past life, wrote and performed poetry, was a Jiving Lindy Hopper, jazz/tap dance teacher, basic maths teacher.

Rachael Hart

Born and raised in Suffolk, Rachael moved to London to train at East 15 Acting School. Rachael currently plays Katie, Bella's mum, in BAFTA nominated Apple Tree House, her debut TV role, and has just completed filming series two. Despite being in the early stages of her career, since graduating Rachael has enjoyed working in several touring shows around the UK as well as some fun commercials. Alongside acting Rachael has a passion for travelling, cinema and interior design.

Rudina Hatipi

This versitile Kosovan/Swedish actress survived a war, speaks three languages and is also a professional singer and dancer. Her self-written and directed film, 'One Beautiful Day' won the UK part of CMF Int Student Film Festival and she also took over The Arts Theatre (West end) with her one woman show, 'Rudi's Redemption Cabaret'. She is a hopeless idealist and romantic, and thrives in epic roles of big love, loss and drama!

Lorraine Hilton

Lorraine was brought up in Canada and came to Scotland as a teenager. She moved to England (to live with the Sassenachs, as her mother called them!) in her early twenties and has been ensconced here ever since. Lorraine is a founding member of ANA, and has always believed in actors having as much control over their careers as possible, which made a co-operative seem like the obvious choice. Her first jobs were in community touring and rep seasons (which still existed in those days!) and then she started working in film and TV.

Holli Hoffman

Holli was born and bred in Coventry and now splits her time between London and Brighton. She was adopted at an early age and is currently tracing her DNA; hopefully Dustin Hoffman is her father! Now a granny, Holli has been in many West End productions and looks forward to returning one day to play one too!

Scott Hunt

Scott loves long walks in the park, donkey rides, relaxing in front of an open fire, writing novels, and training to become the ultimate fighting champion. On a serious note, as well as being an actor Scott is a kids entertainer and a fitness fanatic. Born in the concrete jungle of North East London he trained at East 15 acting school. He has had a variety of jobs from touring in Austria, guesting in CBeebies Apple Tree House and most notably according to his mates in the pub, 'that guy in the Morrison's adverts!'

Ian Hurley

Gus Kennedy Jacob

Before training at East 15 Acting School, Gus studied Italian & European Politics at the University of Leeds in case he’d ever need another career to fall back on (thank you Brexit). His (admittedly faint) Scottish and Danish ancestry has led him on some fantastic journeys, such as hiking through the Scottish highlands, or spending a summer working with Icelandic ponies. A weakness for all things chocolate has forced Gus to develop a keen interest in health and fitness. He can often be found in swimming pools or on yoga mats, paying for his delicious crimes.

Peter Warnock

Over 25 years in the industry, Peter can be a total animal or emotional wreck or as soppy as needed at the touch of a button. He is equally happy behind the mic, camera or on stage. He also enjoys working on a farm, coastal sailing, big cycles (to the obligatory cake stop!) and coaching actors in all things voice. His ideal roles would be a long run playing Henry Higgins, an older Frankenfurter, any Shakespeare or a character in a fantasy or sci-fi series, and as many games voices as possible!

Christian Jenner

Sophie Ormond

A proud Essex girl who trained at Drama Centre and Manchester Met. Since graduating in 2014 Sophie has done a mixture of theatre, short films and research and development projects. She loves coffee and cake, dancing to 80’s music and a good box set.

Adam Slynn

Born and bred in South-West London Adam was a keen athlete before he trained as an actor. In fact he became National Triathlon Champion before an injury cut short his career. Adam went on to train at LAMDA where he met his Icelandic wife who he now lives with in London.

Lynsey Pennycooke

Lynsey, a South Londoner, is a poet, a movie buff, a gym and healthy eating enthusiast with a particular taste for the west coast and deep south American dialect. Lynsey's first real taste of performing to a live audience in her late teens as Captain Smolksy in Bugsy Malone which lead her to joining The National & RADA Youth Theatre Companies. Her dream roles are Celie from The Color Purple, The Grinch who stole Christmas and Helena in the Dream.

Jean Trend

As a 15 year old dressed as Harlequin, she welcomed the audience to her local dance school’s show at The Kingston Empire, and the enthusiastic response from the audience that set her onto a life in theatre. Now in her 80’s, she's still working, finding challenges, and to her delight still learning! She's hang glided for a building society filmed in South Africa, led an audience of 120 in a site specific show set the night before the Queen’s Coronation, and filmed in The Maldives. Her latest adventure has been to play Florence in the BBC TV comedy This Country.

Robin Harris

Robin graduated from Drama Centre London in September 2018, ready to dive straight in to acting life in London. From a very young age, he had a huge passion for theatre and acting that has lead him to this point, and he’s incredibly grateful to have the opportunity for it to be his profession. When not acting, you’ll find him playing his guitar, writing songs and playing tennis!

Tony Wredden

Tony has spent 40 years working in theatre, film, television and radio; phew! Far from resting, he would love to start branching out, voicing terrifying characters in computer games and playing baddies on screen and radio! He plays alto saxophone, fishes for trout and salmon with fly rod, watches rugby and cricket test matches. His favourite music genres are West Coast cool jazz, baroque and early instrumental, and any opera. He recently joined the ENO Community choir. As for reading? British crime, all matters rural.

Daryl Webster

Daryl was born north of Watford. She belongs to the Battersea Choral Society. She gets her inspiration from love, music, art, horse riding, and nature. She is a voracious reader of books and she marches to our Parliament when it's absolutely necessary.

Joe Wredden

Joe is a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a jumper. A life long citizen of London he is at least 12.5% concrete and 17.5% cynicism. An eternal love of the arts led him to study and then work as an actor. Upon graduating from the Reigate Academy of Dreary Acrobats he has made his way steadily up the short hill to obscurity. Often found running wild with the cats of Camden it seems there is no low to which he will not stoop. His never ending adherence to punctuality means he once turned up for rehearsal a full year before the play had even been written.

Carolyn DeFrin

With an early career in Chicago’s ensemble theatre scene, Carolyn got her start performing with Steppenwolf, Lookingglass, Redmoon and The House Theatre of Chicago- where she is a founding company member. Since moving to London in 2012, she has been making her own work across theatre and installation- mixing in music, dance and poetry wherever she can as a performer, writer and director. She holds an MA from Central Saint Martins and is currently completing a PhD about relationships between artists, funders and local communities with London South Bank University.Originally from Merseyside, Lily trained at Drama Centre London where she dabbled in writing and producing alongside her actor training. As well as her acting projects, Lily is a keen fitness fanatic and trainee kickboxer.

Simon Mitelman

Simon hails from South-West London and started acting when his Mum bullied him onto the stage for a WWII revue (he still knows all the words to ‘Run Rabbit, Run’). He read Drama at University and then, thinking the world of acting had passed him by, ended up with an MA in Social Work. Fate took a hand and he studied acting at The Poor School in his early 40s. Since then, among many roles, he’s been an award-winning drag queen, a Russian football Manager and a Doctor sitting at ‘M’s desk.

Eileen Pollock

Belfast-born Eileen was destined for a career as a translator, having studied languages at university, a notion which fell by the wayside when she came to London and abandoned translation to join the newly established Bush Theatre in 1972. Since then, she has enjoyed working in theatre, on television and film. She still does some translation and writes, mostly short stories and the occasional play.

Heidi Niemi

Despite being born and raised in Finland, the land of ice and snow, Heidi is hot blooded and passionate! She specializes in making funny faces, thanks to her parents, who never told her to stop clowning around. She loves to make people laugh (but tries to take herself seriously as an actor as well). She has performed widely in her homeland and throughout Europe in both physical and more traditional forms of theatre.