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Destination: Dewsbury (2018) Now available on Amazon Prime

Back in the 80s, five friends cause raucous in their schooldays. Twenty years on and they’ve got jobs they don’t want and wives who don’t want them. The leader of the gang, Frankie, is now dying in Yorkshire. The others find out and they get together for one last sad, mad, bad road trip to Dewsbury, before it’s all too late. Mix in a dollop of The Inbetweeners’ intellectual wit, add a pinch of bromancing from The World’s End, and then stir in a few ladles of The Hangover’s vomit and you’ve got Destination: Dewsbury, destined to be one of 2018’s funniest releases.

The film was written in 2015 after director Jack Spring left The University of York. The budget for the film was raised over 12 months, which meant production could begin in September 2016.[1] The film was shot almost entirely in West Yorkshire[2] The BBC reported that this made Jack Spring the UK’s youngest feature film director.

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