David Barnes in Voo advert in Belgium

Peter Barnes in new McDonald’s Advert

Christian Jenner in Cupcake Day 2018 Advert

Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents wins a Royal Television Award

This Country takes home 3 Royal Television Awards

Lily Shepherd in Joy Division

New client Lesley Ann Acheson

Scott Hunt in TRiCE Advert

Jean Trend in My Life Story

Steven George in Fighter

JK Glynn in A Tragic Carmody

Jean Trend in This Country, on BBC1 27 March @ 10.45pm

Rachael Hart in Gallowglass, 10 – 14 April at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guilford, 17 – 21 April at The Churchill Theatre, Bromley

Jean Trend in Mercedes’ Christmas Commercial

New client Fraser Wood