Lily Shepherd

Originally from Merseyside, Lily trained at Drama Centre London where she dabbled in writing and producing alongside her actor training. As well as her acting projects, Lily is a keen fitness fanatic and trainee kickboxer.

Beth Hurst

Jack Bloss

Judith Amsenga

Ajjaz Awad

David Barnes

Peter Barnes

Peter was raised in Canada and seriously considered several occupations before acting, such as herpetology and archaelogy. He returned to the UK in 1967 and this year marks his 50th year as a professional. In 1972, he went to RADA. He has lengthy credits in most fields of work. One highlight was the original London production of Brian Friel's acclaimed Translations. Peter is an Honorary Life Member of Equity.

Cristina Barreiro

Diarmuid de Faoite

Jonny Emmett

Barnaby Ferris

Clare Fraenkel

West London born and bred (although the surname's German in case you're wondering) Clare studied at the University of Bristol before training at Drama Studio London. She's worked extensively in theatre and has toured to almost every corner of the UK. London theatre highlights include runs at the Soho and Arcola Theatres, and performing in multiple shows at Polka Theatre for children. Other highs have been a sell-out show at Edinburgh Festival for The Wrong Crowd, and munching mince pies whilst touring village halls for Forest Forge and the Nuffield Southampton.

Steffanie Freedoff

Steven George

Steven joined a local youth theatre in his teens before doing a Foundation Course in Drama prior to East 15’s first ever degree course. He's performed roles from Polish Thug to Panto Dame. A sport enthusiast, he has a season ticket at West Ham. More importantly, he loves spending time with his son, niece and nephew. In July 2014, Steven was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, which has caused some central vision loss. He's registered visually impaired and volunteers as a facilitator and workshop leader for the RNIB.

J K Glynn

Rachael Hart

Rudina Hatipi

This Kosovan/Swedish actor has survived a war, speaks three languages fluently (Albanian, Swedish and English) and is also a professional singer and dancer. She has represented the UK in Hollywood with her self-written and directed film, 'One Beautiful Day', and on top of all that she took over the West End Arts Theatre with her one woman show, 'Rudi Reds Redemption Cabaret'. She has a weak spot for canines, is a hopeless idealist and romanic, and loves roles where she can flex her 'epic emotion' muscles. To escape her fear of flying, whilst on a plane she pretends to be a frequent business flyer!

Lorraine Hilton

Lorraine was brought up in Canada and came to Scotland as a teenager, where she continued her studies. She moved to England (to live with the Sassenachs, as her mother called them!) in her early twenties and has been ensconced here ever since. Lorraine is a founding member of ANA, and has always believed in actors having as much control over their careers as possible, which made a co-operative seem like the obvious choice. Her first jobs were in community touring and rep seasons (which still existed in those days!) and then she started working in film and TV.

Holli Hoffman

Holli was born and bred in Coventry and now splits her time between London and Brighton. She was adopted at an early age and is currently tracing her DNA; hopefully Dustin Hoffman is her father! Now a granny, Holli has been in many West End productions and looks forward to returning one day to play one too!

Scott Hunt

Ian Hurley

Kieron Jecchinis

Harriet Layhe

Originally from Gloucester, Harriet studied at Bristol University, where she tried her hand at both directing and producing, before training as an actor at East 15 Acting School. She's spent a lot of time touring rural areas in the South of England with horse drawn theatre company Sabotage, which involves a lot of walking, not much showering, and cooking over an open fire. She lives in London with her ever-expanding menagerie of pets, and enjoys dabbling in photography, painting and writing.

Jamie Littlewood

Dan Shelton

Adam Slynn

Julia Taylor

Julia is half Maltese and half Italian, so is very much solar-powered, despite having grown up in London! She speaks fluent French and Italian and trained at Jacques Lecoq in Paris and Drama Studio London. Alongside acting she is also artistic director of 'Scene Gym,' a project which brings actors, writers and directors together to workshop new material.

Jean Trend

Otis Waby

Rachel Waring

Daryl Webster

Joe Wredden

Tony Wredden

Tony has spent 40 years working in theatre, film, television and radio... phew! Far from resting, he would love to start branching out, voicing terrifying characters in computer games and playing baddies on screen and radio! He plays alto saxophone, fishes for trout and salmon with fly rod, watches rugby and cricket test matches. His favourite music genres are West Coast cool jazz, baroque and early instrumental, and any opera. He recently joined the ENO Community choir. As for reading? British crime, all matters rural.

Simon Mitelman

Eileen Pollock

Belfast-born Eileen was destined for a career as a translator, having studied languages at university, a notion which fell by the wayside when she came to London and abandoned translation to join the newly established Bush Theatre in 1972. Since then, she has enjoyed working in theatre, on television and film. She still does some translation and writes, mostly short stories and the occasional play.