Adam Slynn in BBC’s Doctors

    Adam’s episode of Doctors is finally available for the masses! Adam plays Floyd Abraham in the episode called Tangled Web. In the episode, Floyd gets a secret procedure without telling his wife, and the drama ensues! You can watch Adam on BBC iPlayer […]

Judith Amsenga in k-12

  Judith Amsenga can be seen in the new feature film k-12.   A brave-hearted girl and her charming best friend make a bewitching pair as they embark on a mission to take down the oppressive schooling system of K-12. In this eerily enchanting musical […]

Lorraine Hilton in Suicide Tourist

  Lorraine Hilton is back! She can be seen alongside Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the Danish feature Film Suicide Tourist (Svelmords Turisten).  The insurance detective Max is investigating the disappearance of Arthur. The assignment takes him on a long and mysterious journey into the world of polar […]

Rudina Hatipi in Oliver! at Gotenborg Opera in Sweden

  Our lovely triple threat, Rudina Hatipi, is back at Gothenburg Opera house; this time in the timeless tale Oliver! The homeless orphan Oliver Twist has a very hard life, cast around like a worthless token between people and situations. Each time he gets a […]

Heidi Niemi is filming for Netflix!

Can you keep a secret?   …so can we!!   Heidi is off filming something HUGE for Netflix! We can’t tell you what just yet, but watch this space!! More information coming soon!

Olivier Leclair in Shine at Edinburgh Fringe

    Oliver is up in Edinburgh for the month with his company’s (Start to Finnish) newest show Shine. The show is an immersive psychological thriller that uses binaural sound, headphones and physical theatre to delve into the slippery recesses of the mind. Created and […]

Heidi Niemi is back in Kafka for Kids at Edinburgh Fringe

  Heidi Niemi is reprising her role as Kat in Kafka for Kids at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. After an extremely successful run at The Pleasence last year, Kafka was picked as the number one pick of the 10-Must-See Children Shows at the […]

Lesley Ann Acheson in Funny Money and Absurd Person Singular at Sheringham Little Theatre

  Lesley is playing Betty in Funny Money at Sheringham Little Theatre this summer. Good friends Betty and Vic arrive for Henry’s birthday dinner and Jean is frantic because Henry is late  When he eventually arrives he wants to emigrate immediately, and with good reason; the […]

Julia Parlato in Much Ado About Nothing with Shakespeare’s Wanderers

Julia Parlato is gearing up to double as Hero and Boracchio in a WWI inspired production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ at St George’s Gardens, Bloomsbury, 22-26th July at 6.30pm. Shakespeare’s Wanderers is an an outdoor theatre company that make bold, bright and entertaining shows for audiences of all ages. […]

Christian Jenner for Funky Pigeon

The advert king is back! You can see Christian Jenner in Funky Pigeon’s new campaign for Father’s Day.  

We would like to welcome Peter Warnock

We are thrilled to have the amazingly talented Peter Warnock join Actors Network Agency. Everyone at the agency is thrilled to have you onboard Peter!

A warm welcome to our new client Imelda D’Souza

We are pleased to announce that Imelda D’Souza has joined Actors Network Agency and has already had some incredible castings. Keep up for good work Imelda.

Robin Harris performing with the Handlebards in Much Ado about Nothing

On your bike Robin! A group of soldiers return from the war to a household in Messina, causing the kindling of new love interests and the re-kindling of old rivalries. The parallel love stories of Beatrice, Benedick, Claudio and Hero become entangled with plotting, frivolity […]

Adam Slynn in BBC’s Doctors and rehearsing for Rose Theatre York at Blenheim Palace

ANA actors and BBC’s Doctors go together like bread and butter. This year alone we’ve had Julia Parlato, Judith Amsenga, and now our lovely Adam Slynn appearing on the show! Stay in it for more details on Adam’s upcoming appearance.   Adam is also about to […]

Jean Trend for canal +

Step aside Tom Cruise, Jean Trend is on a mission to save the world! Jean recently appeared in a hilarious advert for canal +, and she flew the helicopter herself! MI6, if you’re reading this, you know how to get in touch with us to […]

Tony Wredden in Hamsbury Book Club

Check out the fabulous Tony Wredden! He plays Burt in the new short from Blink Industries called Hamsbury Book Club. HBC has also recently been announced as one of a selection of shorts on Booooooom TV. A big congratulations to everyone involved!  

Destination: Dewsbury (2018) Now available on Amazon Prime

Back in the 80s, five friends cause raucous in their schooldays. Twenty years on and they’ve got jobs they don’t want and wives who don’t want them. The leader of the gang, Frankie, is now dying in Yorkshire. The others find out and they get […]

Sandie, Holli and Julia – Take a trip to see Rudina Hatipi at the Gothenburg Opera.

The Agents take to the sky and were not disappointed to see Rudina Hatipi in Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame – The Musical A breathtaking adventure about what it means to be a hero. Musical in two acts. Music ALAN MENKEN. Lyrics STEPHEN SCHWARTZ. Book PETER PARNELL. […]

Heidi Niemi as the Scientist from the North in Three Kings

Heidi Niemi has a fabulous time in Traveling Light Theatre’s production of Three Kings. You can watch the trailer below!        

Steven George in Holmes & Watson

You can see Steven George in the upcoming feature film Holmes & Watson, starring Will Farrell and John C. Riley as Holmes and Watson respectively. Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson join forces to investigate a murder at Buckingham Palace. They soon learn that […]

Julia Parlato in Doctors

Our lovely Julia Parlato appears as store manager Ginny Bloor in upcoming episode 17 of Doctors, airing on Tuesday 27 November at 1.45 pm. Rob deals with an elderly man stealing ladies underwear. The man sees himself as a modern-day Robin Hood but why is he doing it? […]

Heidi Niemi in Travelling Light’s 3 Kings

Heidi is back in Bristol this year, rehearsing with theatre company Travelling Light for the second time. 3 Kings will be touring various venues, including the Half Moon Theatre in London. “Have you ever seen such a night as this?  so many stars, so many […]

Steven George for RNIB

  Steven has just finished up a great commercial as Dan for the Royal National Institute for Blind People! You can see the full clip on their website and find out  how to support people with sight loss while you’re there. You can also hear Steven […]

Joe Wredden as a Knight in PS4 Pro Commercial

  Check out Joe in action! He is currently featured in the newest PS4 Pro Commercial airing in North America! Thankfully he broke his toe after the shoot… To watch the full trailer, in detail, click here.

Lily Shepherd in upcoming ITV drama Anne

We are so thrilled for our Lily Shepherd! She has landed her first supporting TV role as Sara Williams, daughter of Anne Williams (played by Maxine Peake), in the upcoming ITV drama Anne. Commissioned by ITV from award-winning programme makers, World Productions, Anne is an […]

Joe Wredden in PS4 Pro Commercial

  Check out Joe in action n the new PS4 Pro commercial currently airing in North America! Thankfully he broke his toe after the shoot… To watch the full ad, click here.

Rachel Waring in Secret Cinema’s Romeo + Juliet

We are thrilled to finally be able to announce that Rachel Waring is currently appearing in Secret Cinema’s Romeo + Juliet. She is having a ball, and even got some cheeky drinks with Baz Luhrmann himself!   It is the event of the summer here […]

Simon Mitelman in Curfew

  Simon Mitleman can be seen in the upcoming short film Curfew as Taylor. Struggling to connect with his grieving 12-year-old daughter, a father fights against time to fulfil her desire to perform in a school play. The National Film and Television School short, directed […]

Kieron Jecchinis in Papillon

  Kieron Jecchinis is appearing in the upcoming feature film Papillon starring Rami Malek and Charlie Hunnam.   Papillon opens August 24th in the US. View the trailer here…and look for a familiar face in-between the prison bars 1:41 into the trailer!

Rudina Hatipi in The Hunchback of Notre Dame in Sweden!

  Our ravishing Rudi is appearing in the Swedish premiere of The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the Gothenburg Opera House, and a preview of it will be on Swedish National Television tonight (06/08/18) at 7.00pm UK time. You can catch her in all of […]

Julia Parlato in Boeing Boeing

                    Self-styled Parisian lothario Bernard has Italian, German, and American fiancées, each a beautiful airline hostess with frequent “layovers.” He keeps them in a holding pattern, “one up, one down, and one pending”, much to the […]

Fraser Wood in Six of One at Camden Fringe

  Seven chairs. Seven individuals. It’s dark and cold. How do they know each other? Where are they? And how did they get there? An examination of their journey. Up until now. And beyond. An original devised piece which was well received when first performed […]

Judith Amsenga in Theatre503’s Caterpillar

  “I expect the plummet, I brace, but no. The wind is now a breeze is now a whisper and I’ve stopped; suspended in the sky…” Bayview is the only B&B closed for business on the busiest weekend of the year in this faded seaside […]

Rachel Waring in a Secret new show!

  Rachel Waring is having a ball working on a new secret project that opens this Saturday! We can’t tell you very much about it, but it’s the world’s most famous love story written by a a very famous playwright but performed in a way you’ve never […]

Daryl Webster in the new Dutch Lottery Commercial

  Our fabulous Daryl Webster can be seen in the newest commercial for the Dutch Lottery. So kind of her to make enough breakfast for all of us – if only the rest of the office had been the extras! You can catch Daryl shining […]

Rachel Hart returns in Apple Tree House Series 3

    Rachel Hart is back for Series 3 of CBBC’s BAFTA winning programme Apple Tree House! Filming began this week, so stay tuned for more information! But in the meantime, you can hold yourselves over with Apple Tree House Series 2! You can catch […]

Meet our newest client Lynsey Pennycooke

We are delighted to welcome Lynsey Pennycooke to the agency! She is a brilliant little actress and a bloody hard worker. You may have already seen her on the web series Adam and Eve and Corner Shop Show.   We are very excited to have […]

5 Star Reviews for Tony Wredden and Finishing the Picture

  Congratulations to Tony and all! Finishing the Picture is off to a smashing start at the Finborough Theatre. ActDrop UK has given the show it’s first 5 Star Review! “Tony Wredden stands out as Kitty’s high-handed acting teacher, Jerome, who won’t take on responsibility […]

Heidi Niemi in Kafka for Kids

      Our Heidi Niemi can been seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year as Kat in Kafka for Kids at the Pleasance Queen Dome. Kafka for kids? Karter thinks it’s a brilliant idea. Kat just wants to have fun! And Karl wants […]

Heidi Niemi returns in Macbetti

  Sick of men getting all the good roles, Heidi Niemi has decided to play every part in Macbeth. She knows the lines. She can swing a sword. She’s ready. Heidi Niemi will stop at nothing to get stage time, fame and absolute dominance. She toils […]

Peter Barnes in The Stuarts: A Bloody Reign

Our Peter Barnes is at it again! He is currently on the programme The Stuarts: A Bloody Reign which can be seen on Yesterday. The Stuart dynasty lived through arguably the most eventful, bloodthirsty and trying period in British history, and this series – hosted […]

Tony Wredden in Finishing the Picture at Finborough Theatre

  You can see Tony Wredden as Jerome in the UK premiere of Arthur Miller’s final play Finishing the Picture. Following his critically acclaimed, up-close reinvention of Arthur Miller’s Incident at Vichy and sell-out revival of The American Clock, multi-award-winning director Phil Willmott brings the […]

David Barnes in Voo advert in Belgium

  No, you aren’t going crazy. Our actors are just popping up onto TV screens all over the world! The ever talented and expressive David Barnes can be seen in Belgium in the newest advert for Voo. Check out his latest work, by clicking here.

Peter Barnes in new McDonald’s Advert

    Our hilarious client, Peter Barnes, is in the brand new advert for McDonalds’ Taste of America sandwiches. Check out his spray tan, Trump-styled hair and flashy white teeth here.

Christian Jenner in Cupcake Day 2018 Advert

  The wonderful Christian Jenner can be seen cycling across your TV and computer screens in the new advert for Cupcake Day 2018.   Host a Cupcake Day this June to raise money and support the Alzheimer’s Society.   You can watch CJ in action […]

Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents wins a Royal Television Award

  Congratulation to the cast and crew of Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents, which received the History award at the Royal Television Awards last night! You can catch our very own Joe Wredden in the series as the Earl of Sussex.

This Country takes home 3 Royal Television Awards

  Congratulations to BBC’s This Country, which been awarded 3 Royal Television Awards last night! This is another shot of Jean Trend as Florence, who can be seen in Season 2 Episode 4, The Vicar’s Son. This episode is available already on BBC iPlayer or airs […]

Lily Shepherd in Joy Division

  Lily Shepard can be seen as Lara in the play Joy Divison at The London Theatre. In the 70s and early 80s, the well-known Manchester band, Joy Division, took their name from events had nothing to do with joy. The name comes from forced […]

New client Lesley Ann Acheson

  We are thrilled to introduce our newest client Lesley Ann Acheson. Originally from Northern Ireland Lesley Ann is a recent graduate from Drama Studio, London where she was selected for a BAFTA Scholarship and won the Maggie Ollerenshaw Award for Comedy Acting (years of perfecting a […]

Scott Hunt in TRiCE Advert

  Our Scott Hunt is at it again! Although you might not recognize him at first, you can see him in TRiCE’s newest adverts. Click here to watch the full video.

Jean Trend in My Life Story

  Our very own Jean Trend is pictured with Suggs on the set of My Life Story! In this British independent film musical, which is based on based on the one man tour de force stage hit, she plays Elsie. For more information, click here.

Steven George in Fighter

  Straight off the back of her hit debut show Muvvahood, associate artist Libby Liburd is back at Stratford Circus Arts Centre – this time trying out something new. Fighter invites audiences into the world of female boxers, introducing the pioneering women who fought tooth […]

JK Glynn in A Tragic Carmody

                      JK Glynn will be seen in A Tragic Carmody by Brian Whelan in the Festival of London Irish Plays 2018. In his first play international artist Brian Whelan tells the story of his collaboration with Camden artist Danny […]

Jean Trend in This Country, on BBC1 27 March @ 10.45pm

  Here is our lovely Jean Trend as Florence, with Daisy Cooper as Kerry whilst filming This Country for BBC 3. Jean’s episode will be appearing in Series 2, Episode 4 The Vicar’s Son. You can catch the episode on Tuesday, 27 March at 22.45pm, or […]

Rachael Hart in Gallowglass, 10 – 14 April at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guilford, 17 – 21 April at The Churchill Theatre, Bromley

  Rachael Hart is touring the UK as Tilly in Middle Ground Theatre Company’s Gallowglass. Dates in London include: Tuesday 6th – Saturday 10th March, The Orchard Theatre, Dartford Tuesday 10th – Saturday 14th April, The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford Tuesday 17th – Saturday 21st April, The Churchill […]

Jean Trend in Mercedes’ Christmas Commercial

    Our Jean Trend is not to be missed in Mercedes’ Future Traditions: A Christmas Film. Watch the full commercial here.

New client Fraser Wood

                            Fraser is a native Scot, having spent much of his life in the Scottish Borders.  His first career was in Medicine, and as a GP he has worked around the world, […]

Lorraine Hilton in Waitrose Christmas Commercial

Don’t miss Lorraine Hilton in the heartwarming Waitrose Christmas Commercial! Watch it here.

Apple Tree House nominated for a BAFTA

The nominations have been announced for the British Academy Children’s Awards (BAFTA), which honour the very best in children’s media; and the Apple Tree House production team have been nominated in the Pre-School Live Action category. Congratulations to client Rachael Hart, who plays series regular Katie, as […]

Kieron Jecchinis in Our Country’s Good, at Theatre Royal Stratford East 25 April – 5 May

Kieron Jecchinis will touring in Our Country’s Good, a Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company Production in co-production with Ramps on the Moon. By Timberlake Wertenbaker Based on The Playmaker by Thomas Keneally Our Country’s Good is both a comedy and a powerful drama which shows us […]

Dan Shelton in Destination: Dewsbury

Dan Shelton appears as the hapless Jack Spring, one of four lead roles, in Destination: Dewsbury. The feature film is in the final stages of editing before upcoming release date 1 December.  

Ian Hurley and Rachael Hart in Apple Tree House

Catch Ian Hurley as Craig in episode 22 of BAFTA-nominated Apple Tree House, airing on Monday 13 November. Rachael Hart will also be appearing again as series regular Katie in upcoming episodes 23, 27, 28 and 29 from 14 November onwards.  

JK Glynn in Justice League

JK Glynn appears in Justice League, set to release in UK cinemas on November 17.

Joe Wredden in Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Agents on BBC2

Make sure to watch Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Agents on Monday 31 October at 9pm on BBC 2 to catch Joe Wredden playing Robert Devereaux.

Clare Fraenkel voices Queen Victoria audiobook

Clare is the voiceover artist reading Victoria: The Queen: An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire, which is now available online at Amazon and Audible. A magnificent biography of Queen Victoria by international New York Times columnist Julia Baird. Drawing on previously unpublished papers, Victoria: The […]

Jean Trend in BBC’s Doctors and This Country

Jean Trend recently appeared as guest lead Rose in Doctors on BBC One, and also just completed shooting BBC Three’s This Country, the critically-acclaimed mockumentary that was described as the ‘best comedy since The Office’ by The Telegraph. Keep an eye out for the second series in 2018 to […]

Heidi Niemi in The Ugly Duckling at the Tobacco Factory

Heidi Niemi will be appearing this winter as Everybody Elsie in the Travelling Light and Tobacco Factory Theatres co-production, The Ugly Duckling. The production returns after rave five star reviews and a national tour in 2007. The Ugly Duckling is a warming wintery tale of fitting in, family and feathers, […]

JK Glynn plays Lennox and the Porter in Macbeth at Bussey Building

JK is currently rehearsing with Devil You Know Theatre Company in the roles of Lennox and the Porter in their upcoming production of Macbeth at the Bussey Building in Peckham. Devil You Know Theatre Company presents the world premiere of a thrilling new version of Shakespeare’s […]

Diarmuid de Faoite in Playboy of the Western World Musical

Diarmuid will be appearing in the upcoming musical adaptation of Playboy of the Western World at the Town Hall Theatre, Galway and Limetree Theatre, Limerick from 5-12 October. This unique and critically acclaimed production of the classic Playboy of the Western World is a staged […]

Peter Barnes in The Stuarts

Peter Barnes recently completed shooting in North Wales for upcoming four part drama documentary series, The Stuarts, for UKTV. He plays the role of Tal, The Gatekeeper and will appear in episodes three and four.

Steffanie Freedoff voicing Linda Grabow in Zombies, Run! Board Game

Steffanie Freedoff has just finished voicing Linda Grabow in Six to Start’s latest game following on from the success of their highly popular fitness app Zombies, Run!. Zombies, Run! the Board Game is set to release at the end of this year.

Steven George in Catching the Ghost

Steven George will be reprising his role in Catching the Ghost this autumn, in both London and slightly further afield in Zagreb, Croatia. Catching the Ghost is the debut play from Chris Campion, a visually impaired actor and musician from London. It’s a two-hander which […]

Dan Shelton in Destination Dewsbury

We’re very excited about the upcoming release of Destination Dewsbury starring Dan Shelton! Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

New client Heidi Niemi

A big welcome to new client Heidi Niemi! Despite being born and raised in Finland, the land of ice and snow, Heidi is hot blooded and passionate! She specializes in making funny faces, thanks to her parents, who never told her to stop clowning around. […]

Steffanie Freedoff in Bare

Last year Steffanie appeared in a self-penned piece called Bare, that played at the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton. The production was photographed and featured in Disorder UK magazine.

Jonny Emmett in The Weir

Jonny recently played the role of Jack in Conor McPherson’s award-winning play, The Weir, at The White Bear Theatre in Kennington. After a successful week-long run the company are hoping to revive their production in the near future. It is a cold, windy night in 1997, […]

Rachael Hart in Apple Tree House

Have you been keeping up with Rachael Hart in Cbeebies series Apple Tree House? Clients Scott Hunt and Ian Hurley make appearances too. Don’t forget to tune in with your little ones!  

Great reviews for Anti Matter with Rachel & Dan

Anti Matter, featuring Rachel Waring and Dan Shelton is receiving great reviews. Watch the trailer here!

Adam Slynn in Game of Thrones Season 7

We’re looking forward to catching Adam Slynn in the new series of Game of Thrones as a Lannister Guard. Keep your eye out for him on your screens!

Welcome to new client Lily Shepherd

A big welcome to Lily Shepherd, who recently graduated from Drama Centre. Lily is our newest Northern client, born and raised near Liverpool. As well as her acting and singing abilities, Lily is a keen kickboxer and weight trainer.

Welcome to new client Jack Bloss

A warm welcome to Jack, the newest young male graduate to join ANA. Jack recently graduated from St Mary’s Drama with a BA. Past roles include Sanders in Morningstar, a site specific production by Parabolic Theatre, and Sponge in Pity in History during his training.

Rachael Hart as series regular in Apple Tree House

Rachael Hart appears as series regular, Katie, in new CBeebies show Apple Tree House. Client Scott Hunt also appears in episode 12 and Ian Hurley appears in episode 26. Apple Tree House follows Mali (Aamir Tai), an ordinary boy who has just moved on to an […]

Judith in The Drudge and The Consumer at Merge Festival

Judith Amsenga appears in two performances with Caravan Shorts as part of Merge Festival. Caravan Shorts are a series of evocative, humorous and intriguing 15 minute plays will be brought to you in the intimate and unusual setting of a caravan. The Consumer is set […]

Judith Amsenga’s new headshots

Judith recently got some excellent new heashots by Bernadette Baksa!

Tony Wredden in Shoes

Tony Wredden is currently filming a new short film, Shoes, directed by award-winning directors Colin Gerrard and Jaine Green. Shoes is the story of Elie. We meet him in a GP surgery waiting room in the aftermath of the Poll Tax Riots and tempers are running […]

Joe Wredden in Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Agents

Joe Wredden is currently filming two new projects. The first is a docu-drama, Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Agents in which he plays Robert Devereaux. The second is a short film, Wolf No. 3, in which he plays Remus. Check back soon for more information!

Steven George in EastEnders

Steven George appears in EastEnders as Geoff on May 25th, 7.30pm. Be sure to tune in!

Steven George in Catching the Ghost

Steven George is currently performing in Catching the Ghost. The play has been developed and produced by Extant, the UK’s leading performing arts company of visually impaired artists. Follow the journey of Chris, a young man who must suddenly confront his struggle with sight loss in […]

Jean Trend in Casualty

Jean appeared as Maeve Rawlinson in Casualty on Saturday 4th March, alongside screen husband Martin Jarvis. Catch up on iPlayer here to see her in the episode, It Starts with the Shoes.

Steven George in a short film for RNIB

Steven, who is registered visually impaired and volunteers with the RNIB as a facilitator and workshop leader, appears in this short film for the RNIB about ‘blind dating’ that was released just before Valentine’s Day.

Clare Fraenkel in Chester Tuffnut

Clare Fraenkel will be touring in Chester Tuffnut from Wednesday 15th February – Saturday 21st May 2017. Venues include Brighton Dome, Greenwich Theatre, Lyric Hammersmith, Little Angel Theatre, The Lowry Salford, Nottingham Playhouse, Norwich Puppet Theatre and more. This Gomito Productions / Polka Theatre collaboration was nominated for […]

Jonny Emmett in Macbeth and It’s all about the P

Straight off the back of his recent run of Macbeth at The London Theatre, New Cross, Jonny is currently filming short film It’s all about the P, a story about how a tightly knit community stands up to pressure from an organised crime gang.  

Adam Slynn in The Machine Stops

Adam is currently touring in a production of EM Forster’s classic short story The Machine Stops, adapted for the stage by Neil Duffield, and presented by Pilot Theatre and York Theatre Royal. In a dystopian world where humans have retreated far underground, Kuno alone questions their now […]

Judith Amsenga in Caravan Shorts at VAULT Festival

Judith recently appeared in The Allen Key as part of Caravan Shorts at VAULT Festival. Four weeks of various evocative, humorous, intriguing 15 minute plays. The Allen Key was performed on 8th February at 6.15pm, 7.15pm, 8.15pm and 9.15pm. This story plunges us into the tragi-comic reality of […]

Julia Taylor in Obsession: Dark Desires

New client Julia Taylor appears in an upcoming episode of Discovery Channel’s Obsession: Dark Desires, as guest lead, Sheila. When gold-winning Olympic triathlete Sheila Taormina receives a phone call from a man called James who is looking to improve his swimming speed, she thinks nothing […]

Harriet Layhe in BBC Father Brown Christmas Special

Client Harriet Layhe appeared in the BBC1 Christmas Special episode of Father Brown: The Star of Jacob. A mysterious stranger, a missing donkey, an outbreak of laryngitis in the church choir and a kidnapped baby threatened to spoil Kembleford’s Christmas festivities. Harriet appeared as the naive […]

Ajjaz Awad assistant directing good dog

Ajjaz is flexing her directing muscles with upcoming production good dog by Arinze Kene, at Watford Palace Theatre. She is assisting director Tiata Fahodzi on this production set during the early noughties. good dog chronicles growing up in a multi-cultural community, and the everyday injustices that drive people […]

Ajjaz Awad in Torchwood audio drama

Ajjaz can be heard in an upcoming audio drama Torchwood, The Dollhouse. In true Charlies Angels 70s style, Ajjaz plays Gabriella Martinez, an alien busting mechanic who joins forces with two other savvy ladies to solve a case in LA sent by Captain Jack.

Rachael, Scott & Ian in new Cbeebies series

Rachael Hart appears as a series regular in new Cbeebies series, Apple Tree House, airing in November 2017. Clients Scott Hunt and Ian Hurley also appear in one off episodes, making this one to catch even if you don’t have kids!

Steven George in E4’s Chewing Gum

Steven George appears in episode 3 of BAFTA award-winning comedy Chewing Gum‘s second series on E4. Steven plays Bobby, a guest lead, in episode 4, Orlando, which aired on February 2nd, 10pm. To watch the episode, click here.  

Diarmuid’s busy 2016!

Diarmuid de Faoite has been busy with his many selves! In September he co-wrote, co-directed, and played the lead in Foxy Jack for Westport Arts Festival. Here he is looking all macho. Worried about his new image, Diarmuid then created this red headed goddess, Mise Aerach (a […]

Kieron and Jean in EastEnders

Kieron Jecchinis will appear as a Council Official in an upcoming episode of EastEnders. Keep your eyes peeled for more information! Jean Trend appeared as Sian Davies in EastEnders on the 23rd February. She appeared in a scene with the character Dot Cotton.

Rachel Waring in Anti Matter

Rachel Waring plays neurological physicist Dani in sci-fi thriller Anti Matter. This multi award-winning nerd flick is having a second release for the US market in 2017.  

Dan Shelton in Destination Dewsbury

Dan Shelton recently finished shooting upcoming feature film Destination Dewsbury, due for release in Autumn 2017. He plays the role of Gaz, the loveable idiot in this coming-of-middle-age comedy. Back in the 80s, five friends are making the most of their final school days. Twenty years […]

Cristina Barreiro in Silent Witness

Cristina Barreiro recently appeared as Elia Khoury in BBC crime drama Silent Witness.